About Eyeworks

We’ve been giving the best eyecare solutions to our patients since 1989.

We established Eyeworks in Redhill, Surrey in 1989 and remain independently owned. Being independent we are in a unique position to offer the best eyecare solutions to our patients without compromise.

Why Eyeworks?

If you have a changed prescription that you will benefit from, we tell you. If you need to be referred, we will do this. If you need an appointment urgently, we will do our best to see you. Spectacles are no longer things to be ashamed of, to remove before you answer the door or remove before you call someone special on skype. With us you’ll easily find the perfect fitting frame. A frame that is beautiful, a frame that is bold, a frame that says ‘This is me, I have confidence in how I Iook!’

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The Eyeworks Experience

Meet our friendly, experienced team

(and Floyd – the practice dog)

“Such a warm welcoming and friendly place to go for amazing eye care and eye wear. Highly recommended”

Michael Bowles – Reigate